About C1760

C1760 is an art consultancy focusing on private sales for modern and contemporary masterworks, curatorial projects, and art management services.

We assist private, corporate, and institutional clients in building art collections across periods in both primary and secondary markets, as well as specialize on developing art projects and satellite exhibitions around the world.

Our approach is tailored to each client’s needs, and we are dedicated to being a partner for the entire cycle of sourcing, acquiring, curating, promoting, and selling art. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the art market alongside many years experience in multi-disciplinary programming, private sales, art management, marketing, and advisory services.

C1760 is headquartered in New York and London.

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Private Collectors

Private Collectors and Collections are at the heart of our expertise. As your personal representative, we offer dedicated art advisory services to help navigate and shape the art market. Our specialists research, source, sell, inspire and assist at every stage of collecting and with the utmost discretion, ensuring a smooth journey from acquisition to installation and long-term collection management.

Our mission is to build bespoke collections that emphasize approaches across periods, connecting masterworks spanning centuries. We strive to create in-depth concepts that showcase the unique vision and interests of each collector. With our extensive network in the primary and secondary markets, we have access to exclusive private sources and collections, allowing us to find the most suitable works for your collection’s strategy and vision.

We offer expert appraisal services, assisting with the management of your collection and its potential growth and development. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the art world, our team is ready to guide you through the process and make your collecting experience a fulfilling one.

Museums and Institutions

We are primed to assist museums and institutions with collection building internationally, encompassing the full range of the art market. Our specialists are sourcing from our comprehensive network in primary and secondary market, and have exclusive access to private sources and collections, to find the most suitable works aligned with the collection’s strategy and vision. With many years of experience in the art market, emphasizing collection building across periods, we assist in sourcing, buying, appraisal, and in logistics and management.

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Art collections can be a valuable asset and require strategic planning, just like other financial investments. At C1760, we offer comprehensive services to art investors, including sourcing, buying, appraisals, selling, and logistics. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting with every aspect of the process and providing strategic advice to ensure maximum returns on investment.

We offer collection assessment, management, and advice on communications and positioning to help art investors build and manage their portfolios effectively. Whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting in the art market, we are here to provide personalized and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Interior Designers and Developers

We are passionate about creating meaningful partnerships and collaborating with developers, architects, and interior designers around the world to conceptualize art installations tailored to the style and vision of each project. Depending on the project brief, we curate consignment exhibitions for short-term periods, or permanent installations to generate new investment and sales leads, as well as source and select artworks for the collection. We believe that profound, turn-key art collections can elevate the client’s experience and shape the high-profile character of each enterprise.

We also offer rotating art selections with key artworks by established and well-known artists to meet all requirements and fit any space. Art Concierge Services for clients and residents are part of our services and can be tailored individually.

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Hotels and Restaurants

Art energizes places and ultimately adds value.

We take pride in being a strong, creative partner for all hospitality enterprises and function as “art agency“ along the way. Our team of experts precisely develops tailored strategies to enhance atmospheres and brand identities. Developing flexible in-house art investment and collection models of highly representative value, powerful masterworks for lobbies, commissioned art series connected to specific places, or artist residency programs for exclusive launch events are all part of our services. We conceptualize individually on strategy.